Improve walking, balance & reduce freezing at home

A revolutionary concept in treating Parkinson’s disease walking difficulties – use the device for a few minutes – gain freedom that lasts!

  • Easy to use at home device
  • A few minutes daily practice can lead to improved walking, balance and freedom from freezing.
  • Improve mobility and confidence – go out and live!

Clinical studies, published in peer-reviewed neurology journals show, on average, significant improvement for %80 of participants. Improvement lasts well beyond training sessions.  A recent study with EEG recordings shows new brain neural pathways to control movement created after training with the device. Click here for published scientific papers.

With our clients – people with Parkinson’s disease who purchased the device for home use – we’ve seen the same success rate at %80.  It is not right for everyone – it requires motivation to use – people who have a caregiver motivating them usually do better.

Claire Sagnières has been using  the GaitAid for over three years. Before that she would freeze and fall over twenty times per day due to Parkinson’s disease.

“I am able to live as though I was cured.”   Claire Sagnières   — click for full letter


The effect is very different from person to person – especially with PD.  Some walk better from the first use. For others it takes a few sessions to achieve benefit and yet some find the “augmented reality” experience – wearing a glasses display on their face – uncomfortable or are not motivated to use them and return the device for a refund.

Remember it is a training device – not something you walk around with all day. A residual effect (meaning an improvement lasting well beyond device use) increases the more you practice. Again, the residual effect is different from person to person. Some report that after an initial training period they only need to use it occasionally to maintain the improvement while at the other end of the spectrum, some, like Claire (whose testimonial you’ve read above), keep using it daily for a few minutes.

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Click here to read letters from GaitAid users with Parkinson’s disease

“I have been using the GaitAid system in my practice for more than four years, on approximately thirty patients with Parkinson’s Disease…     (Click for full letter)

Dr. Ben Weinstock

Dr. Ben Weinstock

GaitAid device

GaitAid device

GaitAid Use

GaitAid Use




Have any questions about the GaitAid?  You can email us or ask your question in the comments form below.

4 thoughts on “Improve walking, balance & reduce freezing at home

  1. George Jakes

    Which Health Practitioners in Brooklyn or Manhattan NY use your GaitAid in their practice?

    Thank you,
    George Jakes

    1. admin Post author

      Hi George,
      Ben Weinstock, doctor of physical therapy in Brooklyn. I think he travels to perform physical therapy in the home. He is great – highly recommended to see him for care and rehabilitation beyond the GaitAid.
      His website has his contact info:
      Best wishes,


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