GaitAid MS Resarch Award

Resarch Award

Provide movement disorder patients with attentional and cognitive strategies for real world measurable gains in gait.The GaitAid is training tool providing audio and visual feedback cues to improve gait, balance and freezing of gait for people with – Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Stroke, Cerebral Palsy and Senile Gait.The GaitAid triggers Kinesia Paradoxia. Only with the GaitAid – the cues respond to the patient rather than dictate an external rhythm.

This feedback mechanism trains the patients to re-establish their own internal cuing rather than rely on external cues.

A residual effect builds with continued training sessions.

Often these gains have a large spillover effect resulting in significant increase in quality of life.

Dr. of Physical Therapy Ben Weinstock
“I have been using the Gait Aid system in my practice for more than four years, on approximately thirty patients with Parkinson’s Disease.

Almost all of them had freezing of gait which was alleviated by using the Gait Aid’s visual and auditory cueing system. As freezing of gait is closely related to falling, any technique or device that can prevent falls (and further disability) is a blessing.

Their responses were carried over for several months after physical therapy was stopped; it is possible that the Gait Aid facilitates brain plasticity despite the fact that these patients have a neurodegenerative disease.

The GaitAid has become a mainstay of my treatments, as it provides visual and auditory cues during gait training. All too often therapy concentrates on movements but neglects sensory inputs. With the GaitAid it is easy to provide true “sensorimotor” physical therapy. The biggest surprise is that it even helps chronic conditions and late-stage Parkinson’s.

In my professional opinion, the Gait Aid is an important tool for rehabilitation.

Dr. Ben Weinstock”
Brooklyn, NY

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