Improve Walking Balance and Reduce Fatigue – The GaitAid for Multiple Sclerosis

GaitAid MS Resarch Award

Resarch Award

Regain Independence and Improved Quality of Life

  • Easy to use at home training device
  • A few minutes daily practice leads to better balance and may reduce fatigue
  • Improve mobility – go out and live.

There is currently no available drug treatment to help MS patients with walking problems due to an imbalance.

 A New Home Training Tool for Multiple Sclerosis

Introducing an easy to use, virtual reality device. The GaitAid is a device you practice walk with for a few minutes every day. The GaitAid superimposes a dynamic checkerboard pattern over the user’s field of vision and provides instant feedback for balance and effective movement.

GaitAid Device

“I have MS, use a walker and would like to stand up straight and walk as normally as possible, but I use the walker at work, etc because of my balance problems. I walk with the GaitAid on the side of the house with a cane and use the wall for support. Since I started using the GaitAid I could walk more, stand up straighter and not become as tired. I was starting to not lean on the wall so much for support, but the weather is hot now, but I will practice more anyway. It felt good to be able to walk more effortlessly and freely without feeling so much fatigue. I had to make myself stop sometimes after a while, It’s an experience that feels good. My best hope now is relying on Tysabri to keep me stable and waiting for stem cell therapy (I hear it is happenning in Isreal), but in the meanwhile it’s nice to have something non-invasive to help you walk better.”

Karen Neely
Camarillo, California

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